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Meadow sushi set

The Meadow sushi set, consists of a tray with feet, a bowl for sauces, a pair of ceramic chopsticks, and a chopstick rest.

The simple and linear design blends harmoniously with the Japanese culinary tradition, where there is a balance between colors and tastes, simple and elegant.

The set is made entirely by hand with plate and lathe working.

Product suitable for contact with food, usable in dishwashers and microwaves

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for food
  • Sushi set
  • Usable in microwave
  • Handcrafted product


Tray: length: 18 cm; Width: 12.5 cm Height: 2cm

Bowl: Diameter: 7 cm; Height: 3 cm

EUR 50.00

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