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My filosophy

The imperfection is at the basis of ourself and of what we create. This imperfection have to be our strength, and our beauty.

So, every single unique detail that will never repeat itself, with my hands will transmute that piece of inert clayin something that have a human dimension, and so imperfect.

Searching for beauty ha never been the focal point of my work, but nevertheless an additional result of my research process.

With my work I always wanted to give a joy moment to the people, hoping that what talk should not be only the aesthetic aspect, but instead what there is hidden in every artwork.

My work

In 2014 I have build an unbreakable bond with clay. It's alwasy been a relationship about pleasure for discovery and curiosity, the curiosity regarding opening the oven and looking for what has happened in there.

I love saying out loud that I am a ceramist, I feel pride about this, andabout the pleasure manual works give, and about the fact that someone couldfeel better using my creations. My work is characterized by the research for new simple shapes forged with my lathe, by little details that can exalt these shapes.

I have always searched for an equilibrium between the clay's body, that I often leave partially discovered, and its 'clothes', the glaze. Together clay and glaze become an harmonic one, and every singularity of every object can be seen, one details at a time.

My decision of dedicate the symphony of clay at realization of table services has not been immediate, I needed time to comprehend that art can and should be in every aspect of our life.

This is my way to donate a piece of myself to the world

I execute personalized and exclusive works, tailor made for all your needs

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The materials

My faithful ally is grès, a kind of soil that can be cooked at high temperature and let the creation to have greater resistance, both mechanical and to high temperatures (the item can be put in dishwater and microwave).

Grès normally is cooked between 1250°C and 1300°C; at these temperatures the surface of the object vitrify, and becomes waterproof, so grès can be used for domestic uses also in absence of other treatments like glazing.

I also produce myself the glazes I use, WITHOUT using any kind of toxic fluxes, but using natural fondants like feldspars, siliceous clays and other natural minerals.

Recently I started realizing glazes using ashes from the burning of various kind of woods (chestnut, acacia, hazel, caco). This is for me like drawing a circle of death and rebirth, where transformation of matter is at the base of life and creation.

Who am I

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Martina Consoli


Always loved art

In 2015 she starts her way with the clay, and ceramics

She learnt that the only limit is the imagination.