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Lezioni di ceramica

Pottery classes offer an immersive and exciting experience in which you will be able to discover the wonderful world of artistic creation through clay. During these lessons, I will guide you and share my passion and knowledge with you.

You will start by learning the basics of working with clay, such as freehand modeling and using clay-building techniques. Through these techniques, you will transform raw clay into unique shapes and objects. The sensation of modeling the clay with your hands will be extremely tactile and gratifying, as you will be able to feel the material taking shape under your fingers.

Once you are familiar with the basic techniques, you can explore more creative possibilities. In addition to crafting, pottery classes will also give you an opportunity to appreciate pottery in general. You will be able to explore different traditional and contemporary techniques, discovering the cultural influences and stories behind the different forms of pottery.

In conclusion, the pottery lessons will offer you a unique experience, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty and in the art of working with clay. You will be able to explore your creativity, learn new techniques and create unique works that will express your artistic vision. It will be a rewarding experience that will allow you to discover the pleasure of creating something beautiful with your own hands and share your passion with other artists.

Lessons can be purchased individually or in bulk and are not nominative , so you can also share this beautiful experience with whoever you want, and the duration is an hour and a half.

The cooking of the elaborate products is not included in the price of the lessons.

Hours per lesson: 1.5

Number of lessons: 1

  • You will participate in a beautiful experience
  • You will see your own creations come to life
  • Your only limit will be your imagination
  • Free your artistic identity

€ 35.00

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